About DTP!

Drown That Puppy!

Is a phrase we used at one agency I worked at when we had to kill off an idea.

Sometimes it was uttered gleefully, other times reluctantly.

Either way the puppy was toast.

Why they had to be offed by drowning, as opposed to say shooting, or electrocution remains unclear.

Possibly these methods were seen as a little excessive.

What is certain is that to this day, puppies are drowned for many reasons…

Some are drowned, because although very cute when first born, a day or two later they look absolutely hideous.

Others are drowned even though they’re just adorable, because they stray off strategy and leave poo all over the brief.

A few very unlucky ones get drowned through no fault of their own, in a toxic sludge of office politics and ego.

(I’m happy to say, many of these puppies undergo a miraculous resurrection, months or even years later, at an agency across the street, or on the other side of town.)

But DTP! isn’t about killing ideas per se, just about ideas.

It encompasses the irrefutably incisive, via the half-baked, with a dash of the nonsensical.

It’s written by a freelance copywriter based in Toronto.

I help people sell goods and services.

I like to do it with a bit of dignity, style and wit.

It’s the way I like being sold to and I think it works best.

I’ve worked at all sorts of agencies on all sorts of brands, and most days I still enjoy writing ads.

There’s more here:  mosswriter.com

And please rest assured, absolutely no puppies were harmed during the production of this blog.

Except for the one that crapped on my lawn this morning!


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