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Does Your Boat Rock?

29 Jan

Business loves disruption.

You’ll find the word “innovation” in many a Fortune 500 mission statement.

Fair enough, finding a new way to do something, or doing something better can create untold opportunities.

But many companies hate disruptors.

Those curious individuals who question the way things are done.

Who ask “why?” and “why not?” often at the most inconvenient times.

Who won’t tow the company line, or drink the company Kool-Aid.

Who don’t subscribe to the status quo, at least not wholeheartedly.

These people get labelled as non-team players.

Told to quiet down, told not to rock the boat.

If you’re running a company of a certain size and no one’s rocking the boat, what does this say about the culture?

If it’s not strong enough to survive a maverick or two, you’re most likely working in an echo chamber.

It’s probably nice and comfortable.

But is comfortable honestly good for your company’s future?

If you want to change, it’s really not so hard.

Just try saying, “Boat rockers welcome!”

Look at it this way, if the boat’s not rocking, maybe you’re not moving fast enough.